Lantra-L Cheat Sheet

Based very loosely on Helge's Lantra-L FAQ


This is a mailing list for translators, interpreters and other language practitioners. Most of messages relate to translation related issues, and the balance is made up of literally anything else translators may want to discuss. Lantra-L is a high-volume mailing list, partially self-regulated through the use of subject-line tags.

Three e-mail addresses

For posting messages to the list:

For sending commands to the server:

To contact the list owners:

Archive of past messages

All messages on Lantra-L are automatically archived by the server. You can access the archive via e-mail or via the web.

Archives via e-mail

Simply send the command INDEX LANTRA-L to to receive a list of the available logs. Then request individual logs by sending the command GET LANTRA-L lognamehere.

The log names are coded by date, eg LOG9512D means week 4 of December 1995.

Archives via the web

Read and search through old messages at

You will have to register with your subscribed e-mail address and get a password before you can access the archives via the web.

Listserv commands

Send listserv commands in the body of the mail (you can put anything in the subject line). The command must be the first thing of the e-mail message, and the message must be sent in plaintext. Remember to send listserv commands to (not to the Lantra-L mailing list address).

To view all listserv commands: INFO REFCARD

To subscribe: SUB LANTRA-L Your Name

To unsubscribe: UNSUB LANTRA-L


To come back from nomail, or to change back from digest mode or index mode: SET LANTRA-L MAIL

To get messages in digest (instead of individually): SET LANTRA-L DIGESTS

To get messages in index format (summaries only): SET LANTRA-L INDEX

To search for members: SCAN LANTRA-L yoursearchtexthere

To view your subscription status: QUERY LANTRA-L

To view all subscribers (sorted by domain): REVIEW LANTRA-L

To view all subscribers (sorted by TLD): REVIEW LANTRA-L BY COUNTRY

To view all subscribers (sorted by name): REVIEW LANTRA-L BY NAME

Subject line tags

Helge's FAQ contains a list of official tags, but there are some variations of these in actual usage. It is generally not welcomed to make up your own tags... the existing ones should be quite sufficient. A tag is written in uppercase at the very start of the subject line of a new message, and is followed by a colon and a space.

Here they are in alphabetical order:

ADMIN: Questions or issues pertaining to the administration of the mailing list.

CHAT: Chitchat.

COMP: Anything related to computers or computer usage.

HUMOR: Used only on Fridays or virtual Fridays, for jokes. Preferably family friendly jokes.

INFO: News about translator events, new services, or reference materials available, including useful URLs.

ISSUE: Discussion of things specifically relating to the translation profession.

POLIT: Formerly "POL", for any political or offensive discussion.

QUERY: The question to which an ISSUE or INFO post might have been the answer. Also questions on reference material and professional training.

RANT: To complain about something translation related.

TADA: To brag about something (not necessarily translation related).

TERM: Terminology and grammar questions, specifically relating to jobs for clients.
Note: When posting a TERM: question, also mention the language code(s), and as usual give a short but clear indication of what the question is about (usually the problematic term itself, and/or the field of study)

URL: For posting useful URLs.

Add-on tags

THANKS: Add "THANKS" at the end of the subject line if you want to say thanks.

URGENT: Add "URGENT" right after the first tag if an urgent reply is needed.

Body text conventions

Lantrans usually adhere to the following netiquette guidelines.

  • Trim replies of unnecessary lines (including signatures and paragraphs unrelated to the reply).
  • Keep it clear who said what. Most Lantrans do bottom-posting, but some do top-posting.
  • For long articles, post only the first few lines and add a URL where the rest of the article can be read.
  • Be tolerant. Post private disagreements privately.
  • Go to great lengths to respect the privacy of members (and clients).
  • Do not post chain letters, urban legends, and virus warnings.

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