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Maarten de Bruijn (in memoriam)

On October 15, 2003, Maarten de Bruijn was suddenly and unexpectedly taken from his family by a heart attack at age 54. Maarten was a Dutch and English technical translator specializing in medical, pharmaceutical, financial and legal translations. Maarten is survived by his wife Carol Jurriaans and his two children, Habiba and Mingus.

The community of translators and interpreters who frequent the Lantra-L mailing list express their sympathy and sorrow at his loss.
Individual Tributes

Sorry to hear that Marga, although I didn't know Maarten at all really. I'm saddened. Please pass on my condolences. -- Alan Johnson

My deepest sympathy. -- Michael Molin

This is truly horrible news. Maarten will be much missed. -- Michael Osmann

My deepest sympathies and prayers for Maarten's family are included in anything you send, Martin. Thanks for doing this. -- Sad, Carol Shaw

The same here. (sad for Maarten's family and our community...) -- Marisa Shirasuna

Tous mes sentiments de soutien a sa famille. -- Lien

My sincere condolences. He was a fine man and will be missed. -- Salvador Virgen

Indeed, I, too, always enjoyed his messages. I am truly sorry for his wife and family. A very sad loss. I wish you strength. -- Carel Van der Touw

Please add me to the list of people who were taken aback and saddened by this awful news. I did not know Marteen personally, but certainly read his posts. My heartfelt condolences to his family. -- Bettina Karpel

I'm shocked and very sad to learn that Maarten has died. I only knew him as a good and kind voice here on Lantra, and as someone always ready to help. -- Paul Frank

Just read the sad news today. I didn't know him personally, but often read him with gratitude. A sweet soul. -- Sue Horn

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