The Lantra-L Members Gallery

More Ireland photos (info, please? -- Ed.)

Originally bundled with the Tralee 2001 photos

Master O' Ceremonies, Billy O'Shea at the opening gathering upstairs. No, there's nothing wrong with your eyes...
The view from the other side - some visible (and recognizable) Lantrans are George Farrants, Helge Niska, Katja Benevol Gabrielcic and her Family, Mikhail Zagot, Tim Nicholson, Ron Kerr and Willeke Barens-Kerr, Michael Osmann and his children, susan larsson.
After the opening gathering... lantrachat!
Left to Right: Linda Niske, Amanda Larsson, susan larsson.
I had a delightful lunch at the Blue Door in Adair on the drive down from Báile athá Clíath...
Across the street sits the Adair church.
On the way back to the airport I stopped to see the Ardfert Cathedral.

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