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Lantra-L is mailing list for translators, interpreters and other language practitioners. This is our photo gallery. Each member has his/her own page and there are also pages about Lantracons (when we leave our computers and get together).

To be listed in this gallery, you must be a present or past member of Lantra-L (or family of one, or in some cases, an animal of one). Listing is free... let me know if you want pictures or details added or removed.

Please send comments and updates to
Copyright and privacy: The successive gallery admins did not always keep track of who wrote what, so for practical purposes we'll say that if you wrote something, you own the copyright to it, but you grant a licence to the gallery admin to use it in the Lantra-L Gallery, which licence you can revoke at any time in writing or e-mail with a reasonable notice period. For some photographs we do have records of who sent what (or we can figure it out), but even so, what applies for writing applies for photographs mutatis mutandis. The Lantra-L Gallery is meant to be by members about members for members, so ultimately the members' best interests must be served. If you find photographs about yourself which you consider private, or any photograph or writing which you find offensive, please let me know and I'll deal with it.

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