The Lantra-L Members Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Lantra Gallery?

The Lantra Gallery is a site where members of the Lantra-L forum for translators and interpreters can post information about themselves which they wish to share with the online community.

How do I get on (or off!) this page?

Send e-mail to Samuel Murray at

What can I put on my Gallery page?

Photos, poems, etc... anything that tells us a bit more about you. You can also have your CV or résumé downloadable from it (100 kb max). Chris (the previous gallery admin) actually had a sense of humour and was able to make up stuff about everyone... now if you want something funny next to your photo, you have to be humorous yourself.

What changes did you make to Chris's gallery?

Very few, actually. I fiddled with the page layout a bit, I rewrote all the HTML to facilitate hand-coding, added all the Lantrans I could find, nothing more...

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