The Lantra-L Members Gallery

Christopher C. DeSantis

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Languages: French, German and Italian to English
E-mail: ccdesan [at] comcast [dot] net
Web site:

 You can check out his home page for some family information, but family photos can be found below.
 Firstborn Courtney, 29, with his wife Mindy and his two daughters. Former missionary in Samara, Russia. The world's next J.P. Morgan. Owns Skyline Window Cleaning in Salt Lake City.
 Daughter Fortunata, 27. Loves animals, phenomenal artist. Free spirit with a powerful desire to change the world for good. Currently lives in the Salt Lake area.
Son Michael, 24. Finishing a degree at Salt Lake Community College. Makes me laugh a lot. Photographic memory. Sings a very deep bass, loves barbershop singing, gifted as a writer. Currently working for
With some fine translator-type colleagues in Tralee, Ireland (Robert Paquin, Fen T., mé féin, Katja Gabrijelcic).

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