The Lantra-L Members Gallery

Héctor Gayón

Location: New Britain, CT, USA (Toulouse, France from July 2006)
Languages: English to Spanish (also all languages as project manager)
Birthday: 27 April
E-mail: hmg{at}
IM: MSN: hmgayon@hotmail, ICQ 26958624 / 2034060
Web site:

Héctor, Rafael y Hugo Gayón.
Héctor y Anne in Belgium, 1999, (before the FIT convention in Mons) with Michael Bihay (sp?) in the background at Roger Hughes' home.
Alex y Héctor (I found out everyone in Bordeaux is a Gayón...;o): With ÁlexR in Bordeaux, Summer 2005.
Hugo y Rafael sur le Pont d'Avignon, Summer 2005.

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