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Patrick-Julien Germain

Languages: English to French
Web site:

Although recently a freelance English-to-French translator specializing in IT-related issues, Patrick-Julien Germain has been translating software and documentation, writing users' guides and datasheets, and training people for more than 15 years. In late 1995, he passionately discovered the Web and consequently the Internet, which was to play a very important part in his professional and personal life. Since then, he has also developed Web pages. He lives in Paris, France.

In 1999, an encounter changed his life: He met L'Oiseau Bleu (The Blue Bird) which is a non-profit organization fighting against a rare disease, Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis, which is caused by an unexpected reactivation of measles virus years after the measles were contracted. He developed the organization's Web site into a European-oriented Web site thanks to volunteer translators most of whom were recruited through Lantra.

Please visit his web site at

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