The Lantra-L Members Gallery

Sandra Smallwood de Beltran

Location: Florida, USA
Web site:

Raised in São Paulo, Sandra thought she was Brazilian except when visiting relatives in a tiny town in Georgia (US) and in Mexico City. She moved to ciudad de México as a teenager where she graduated from the bilingual Universidad de las Américas, BA Latin American Studies. She freelanced for 16 years, mostly for television, and then moved to Florida in 1996. Nowadays she mostly translates press releases about the telecommunications industry, and cartoons (both adult & children's) for export.

* She loves the national and state parks, especially the Everglades. If you visit Miami between the months of November and February, Sandra will be happy to show you the nicer things that tourists don't see. Our colleague also cooks good genuine Mexican food (Puebla style)... so make your reservation!

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