The Lantra-L Members Gallery

Sue Horn

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese
Web site:

Sue originally hails from New Jersey, the daughter of a Cuban exile and an Irish-American, so she tells folks she's "Cubish").

She studied linguistics at Cornell (BA and MA), then went off to Mexico, Puerto Rico and finally Colombia. Sue translates and interprets English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

She lived in Colombia for over 18 years, and recently moved to Atlanta, Georgia. ¿Que tal, y'all?

This is Sue and Salvador Virgen, taken at Babel 4000, Colombia's National Meeting of Translators, held in Bogotá, Colombia in October 2000.
Sue shows Chris DeSantis where to catch up on the day's financial news in Atlanta - October 2003.

Looks like this paper's full o' bull...

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