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Tim Nicholson

Languages: Spanish to English
Web site:

Tadhg Nicholson, also known to Interpol as "the Raven", fled the Emerald Isle sometime during the last century. After spending 15 years hiding in the maquis of Corsica, he entered Spain clandestinely in a crate of Guinness destined for a bar in Toledo, but the shipment was intercepted by crazed Basques tired of drinking Patxarán. Taken to Bilbao, he was mistaken for packing material and tossed aside, and wandered the streets with a cardboard sign which read "aistrighfidh mé le haghaidh bía" (will translate for food). Possessed of wit and perspicacity, he was offered the Jams O'Donnell chair of Applied Nonsense at the University of Bilbao, but graciously declined, preferring to pursue his life of genteel dissipation in blissful anonymity.
The Raven, standing in front of his unassuming summer cottage in Madrid. When not fomenting international discord, he resides in Bilbao with his companion María and translates from Spanish into English. An excellent essay which illustrates his eerily twisted Weltanschauung can be found here.

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