The Lantra-L Members Gallery

Willeke Barens

updated 2005-03-15

Location: Netherlands
Languages: English and Dutch
Birthday: 16 August
Web site:

Curriculum vitae: here (MS Word)

This is Willeke and Olaf. Olaf is the Irish Wolfhound, in case you were wondering. Gentle when stroked, fierce when provoked! This was when Willeke lived in Ireland. After that she moved to Texas, but eighteen months later she moved back to the Netherlands for good. She translates from English into Dutch.
This is Willeke’s first Christmas (2005) back in the Netherlands, with sweet wolfhound Riley. Unfortunately he went to the Rainbow Bridge soon after this picture was taken, but he still is a valid symbol for the name of Willeke’s business: Wolfhound Translations.
With a business name of Wolfhound Translations, you got to have a few of the breed, so here they are: meet the brats, Fonyah and Dougal, 5 months old in the picture (Feb 2006).

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