The Lantra-L Members Gallery

Yolanda Broad

Location: Indiana, PA, USA
Languages: French / Spanish to English
Web site:

Yolanda is a retired academic. She lives in Indiana, PA, in the heart of the Pennsylvania coal belt. She translates (and, on occasion, interprets) from French and Spanish to English. She likes fixing and eating food of all stripes, and adores hunting mushrooms. Yolanda is very interested in economic justice/Third World, disarmament and conflict resolution, and peace and justice issues, and remains active in language teaching organizations and the promotion of language teaching. She obtained her doctorate in literary translation, and does translate literary works/films when she gets the chance, but she mostly translates legal, technical and business-related material: she loves solving translation puzzles!

Here we see Yolanda surrounded by Christmas whirlwind mess, at home, opening Christmas gift from grandson Robbie.
Yolanda, fellow translator Eileen Sullivan and Eileen's ex-mother-in-law, in front of Eileen's home in Xalapa, Mexico.
Yolanda and husband, Peter (Spanish professor and some-time translator/interpreter), in a restaurant in Brittany, about to eat a fresh seafood feast.
Yolanda, Peter and friend at an outside café in Grenada (don't know who the other lady is, but she seemed happy to be included in the picture!)

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