The Lantra-L Members Gallery

Barcelona Lantracon in March 2004

An amusing little wine: Alex R.
Dreaming of a Catalan nation: Michael Röhrig.
Beam us up Scotty: The Casas', Listdad, Veronica Lambert.
Now for the hard stuff: Jerome and Alex R, Jools (Mrs Listdad).
Relaxing with the harem: Rosa Gil, a Dirty Old Man, Antje Schmitz.
Sunday Lunch.
Sitges - It's So Bracing! Michael Röhrig, Christine R, Jerome R, Listdad, Alex R, Antje Schmitz, Rosa Gil, Veronica Lambert.
Guardian readers 'R' Us: Christine R, Jerome R, Alex R, Michael Röhrig, Martin Douch, Antje Schmitz.

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