The Lantra-L Members Gallery

The ATA Convention, 1998 at Hilton Head, SC

These photos courtesy of Paul Gallagher and Héctor Gayón.

updated 2005-03-15

Professional dancers heat up the party...
Hector demonstrates his musical abilities at a jam session...

The instrument he's playing is a traditional Aztec instrument called a "Xoc", so named because it consists of a long stick embedded with a number of metallic stoppers from flasks of the sacred libation "Xocaxola".
Left to right: Manon Bergeron, Doug Robinson, susan larsson (thanks, Michelle A, for the info).
Manten and Hector Gayon (and who might the third person be?)
Ilse, Ury, and Jessica... a petite committee at Héctor's place.
Katja Mischerikow and Susan Larsson.
Basil and Carole Heiman-Kezios.
Ury, Tanya R., Héctor Gayón, Tanya Gesse, Barbara, Ilse Wong.
Paul and Jessica on a lunch break.
Isabelle, Adnane and Susan.
Manten and Héctor.
Manon Bergeron, Manten van Steenbergen, Susan Larsson, and Hector Gayon at breakfast.
Susan and Manon presenting at the ATA.
No, it's this button, you cretin!
View of the crowd at Susan and Manon's Lecture. Full house.
Ah. No wonder they were so popular...
An admiring crowd of fans after the lecture.
Is this Manon? No, she was at the spring... this is Pauline à la plage!
Here's the culprit... Hector's hiding behind three cameras, photographing Deborah McPhedran (L) and Ilse Wong (R).
Views of Hilton Head from the Hyatt Regency hotel at Palmetto Dunes.

Wow, pretty cushy accomodations...
Sunrise over the Atlantic.
Sunrise over the Atlantic II
Susan Larsson and Marla O'Neill have it out...

lower case!

... Upper Case!
Zion Avdi, a non-Lantran Hebrew translator, and Tanya Gesse at the closing banquet.
Manon Bergeron, Rita Litvak McGrath, and Manten van Steenbergen at the closing banquet.

Manten wasn't ready...

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