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Lantra Gatherings in Madrid

Scene: A mexican restaurant just off of Plaza España. From Left: 1)

[a non-lantran colleague of Chris DeSantis, polymer chemist par excellence and very qualified translator from English to Bulgarian]

2) Michael Röhrig; 3) that blasted Amway salesman; 4) Robert Henrique Stoll; and 5) the incomparable Tadgh O'Nicholson, who brought a bottle of Patxaran and allowed a few of us to see it, but that was all. Somehow he went home with more booze than he brought. Does this seem right?

Someone had to shoot the picture... behind the camera was Michael Schmidt, who will be displayed in all his shocking glory in some forthcoming pictures.
Spring 2000, from left:  Chris DeSantis, Zlatan Denchev, Héctor Quiñones, and Izaskun Fuentes Milani. Oh, those cod cakes...  these natives know how to find the good stuff.

As an interesting aside, Izaskun reports that there is a small plaque by the door of "Casa Labra" which says that it was precisely there, in that very bar, where Felipe González' Socialist Party (PSOE) was clandestinely founded over 100 years ago! Perhaps while eating the same cod cakes?
Eating again... Michael Schmidt, Zlatan Denchev, Michael

Röhrig, Chris DeSantis, Robert Stoll.
Al fresco... we did more sitting and eating and drinking than anything else.
Hm. Looks like a good place for recruiting down-liners...
Cafe al fresco. Zlatan broke the rules by looking into the lens, but Robert Stoll, Tim Nicholson, Hector Quiñones, and Michael Schmidt listen intently to Michael Röhrig hold forth on the merits of alternative forms of government.
Lantracon Central: The hotel Capitol.
Dinner in "el Espejo". You couldn't ask for better food or nicer company. From left: mé féin, Zlatan Denchev, Tim Nicholson, Kathy Benito, Emilio Benito. As the evening wore on, the noise level in the restaurant increased proportional to the quantities of Spanish wines consumed, but hey...
The four musketeers: Tim Nicholson, Michael Röhrig, Robert Henrique Stoll, and Michael Schmidt, standing on the site of the Zero Kilometer marker in Puerta del Sol in Madrid. All journeys begin from here...
Tim Nicholson, looking very natty in front of an equally impressive background. This is the main post office in Madrid. Beautiful architecture. It's 1:00 AM, by the way, and we're just about to head off for some craic at a pleasant sidewalk cafe.
Zlatan Denchev contemplating life on de Preciados...
Michael Schmidt before the Microsoft anti-trust suit...
Bill Gates did what?
Robert Henrique Stoll discusses the merits of Portuguese wine...
The new world order will be like this...
Michael Röhrig and ZlatanDenchev examine a museum of bullfighting images... where the bull won.
Neither Michael Röhrig's fascinating conversation nor all the Coke in the world can overcome the force of jet-lag...

I'll get you for this, Tim!

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