The Lantra-L Members Gallery

Montreal, 1 December 2001

Louis Bégin (Helen's partner), Helen Elliot, ErikaPavelka (who organized the meeting), and herboyfriend, Martin Fecteau (not a Lantran but also a translator).
Bettina Karpel and hubby Earl, Howard Scott, Phyllis Aronoff.
Earl, Howard Scott, Phyllis Aronoff, Traci Williams.
André (Traci's hubby), Marie Gouin, Robert (Dr. Bobus).
Marie Gouin, Robert Paquin, Helen Elliot and Helen's partner Louis.
Traci Williams, her husband André, Marie Gouin.
Bettina Karpel (hiding behind the rose), her husband Earl, Howard Scott, Phyllis Aronoff.

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