The Lantra-L Members Gallery

Joint Lantracon and Literary Translators' Association of Canada party on the occasion of Fеnn Trοller's visit to Montreal, September 11, 2004, at the home of Phyllis Aronoff and Howard Scott

Photos by Paul Cowan and Howard Scott

As well as Lantras, people from the Literary Translators' Association of Canada were invited. There was quite a bit of overlap been the two groups, but in the end there were many more LTAC members than Lantrans. In fact, the only "strictly Lantran" people there, in addition the the guest of honour Fеnn Trοller, were Paul Cowan, Marie Gouin and Steven Sacks, and Steven Sacks has since joined the LTAC.

LTAC member Florence Buathier, Fеnn, Steven Sacks.
Michelle Asselin, Marie Gouin, Paul Cowan, Fеnn, Paul Cowan (back to camera Phyllis Aronoff).
Paul Cowan, Fеnn, Steven Sacks (back to camera Florence Buathier).
Paul Cowan, Robert Paquin.
Around the circle clockwise, starting with the host on the left: Howard Scott, Yolande Amzallag (LTAC), Valérie (houseguest), Fеnn, Micheline Ste-Marie (LTAC), Charlotte and Robert Melançon (LTAC), Ray Ellenwood (LTAC), Hugh Hazelton (LTAC), Steven Sachs, Didier (houseguest), Marie Gouin, inside the circle: Robert Paquin, Phyllis Aronoff.
Marie Gouin.
Michèle Dupont (Robert Paquin's wife), Howard Scott, Phyllis Aronoff, Michael Gourvits (LTAC), Michelle Asselin.

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