The Lantra-L Members Gallery

Paris, May 1998

The Paris Gang

(Roger begs forgiveness for the incomplete captions. Please send corrections!)

Back Row: Alex R., Dennis C., Roger Hughes, Philipp May, Fеnn Trοller , Jeff H, Andy Seaward(?), Kirk Mcelhearn.

Front Row: Richard, Janet Heard-Carnot, Manon Bergeron, Susan Larsson, Katja Mischerikow, JoAnn Cahne with daugher Eliane, Claire Parker, Josiane the lurker, Paulo Frank, Marie-France.
Things are getting a little fuzzy at 3:00 AM, folks…
Claire at 3:00 AM

(That's what the caption said… honest!)
Too much Chardonnay, Manon!
Alex just ran out of Camembert…
Another group shot. Back Row: Richard, Alex R., Roger Hughes, Phil, ... , Jeff, Andy, Kirk M.

Front Row:
Dennis, Janet H-C, susan lowercase, Katja M., Jo Ann and Eliane, Claire, Josianne, Manon Dumdedum, Paulo, Marie-France.
Jo Ann and Susan.
Standing - Jo Ann's honey; at the window - Jeff

Sitting, from left: Katja, Richard, Claire, Roger, Susan holding forth on the health benefits of never using the shift key and pretending she's not trying to snatch Roger's red wine, Dennis, Paulo.
A cozy group…oh wow, look at all those books.


From left: Janet, Alex, Phil, Manon (camouflaged in back), Marie-France, Kirk.

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