The Lantra-L Members Gallery

Lantra Gathering in Portugal, March 1998

The youngest member of the "Ponte de Lima Chapter", young Lantran Sofia, 13 months.
Karen and Clotilde preparing lunch on Saturday.
Isabel preparing food, too.
Harald, Robert, Clotilde.
Helge, Chloë, Xavier, Izaskun.

On the right: Harald and João Roque Dias.
Standing: Helge, Clotilde, Robert. Seated left to right: Fernando Santos, Leonel Morgado, João Roque Dias. Not liking the camera is João Paulo Moreira.
Helge sends out his SOS msg, at a moment when his captors were devouring Chloë's cakes, mmm. We caught up with him shortly after...

Original HELP! msg by Helge:

>Former list-owner Helge Niska has been hijacked by a formerly unknown extremist group in a remote part of the Iberian peninsula. The group, consisting of a number of people calling themselves "translators", has so far not claimed any ransom or made any other demands. Anyone who sees this message is kindly urged to contact the appropriate authorities. Furtjher announcements will follow whenever circumstances allow. I must sto--

(that was the moment when we got him, heehee... : )
Chloë, Harald, António & Sofia, Karen, Clotilde, João Roque, Robert, and Helge.

The muffins must be all gone...
20 years ago musicologists completely ignored the pianist Helge Niska, whose existence had only been deduced from police records, tavern I.O.U.'s and the like.

After his recent performance in Coimbra, Portugal, what had been neglect turned into overwhelming avoidance on the part of music lovers everywhere.

But seriously, we all were amazed and thrilled by Helge's skills as a singer and piano player. We hope to hear more in the near future!
Helge Niska, our beloved former list owner, gets the red-carpet treatment from Isabel Monteiro, host Robert H. Stoll, Karen Stoll, and João Paulo Moreira.
Helge and João Paulo Moreira of Coimbra University.
Helge giving his lecture on subjects of great gravity and importance… Auditorium filled to capacity.
Right side, far end: António, Sofia, Chloë, Sarita Miller, João Paulo, Harald.

Left side: Karen and Izaskun further down the table.
Left side front to back: Karen, Robert, Ursula?, Xavier.

Right side front to back: Thomas Miller, Harald, João Paulo, Sofia, António.
Michael presented Helge with some of Portugal's finest...
Huntje and Asti, also known as the Rottweiler gang...

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