The Lantra-L Members Gallery

The San Francisco ATA Convention, 1997

Alex Lane, Nada Tamim and Susan Larsson dancing at the ATA convention. This is what translators do in real life...
A more serious Alex…
Bjorn Austraat, Salvador Virgen, Nada Tamim, Manon Bergeron, Basil and Carole Heiman Kezios, Helja and Doug Robinson, Susan Larsson.
Doug Robinson.
Paul Merriam.
Pilar Saslow.
Salvador Virgen.
Sharon and Jean Grevet.
Manon Bergeron, Doug Robinson, Nada Tamim, Susan Larsson.
Working hard, or hardly working?
Nada Tamim and Manon Bergeron at the Hotel
Manon Bergeron.
susan larsson.
susan again.
Chris de Santis and another person.

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