The Lantra-L Members Gallery

Lantracon in Tralee, Ireland: 2-4 August 2001

Photos from the Grand Hotel lobby or the pub next door.

The master of ceremonies with, as he informs me, "a lot of lovely women"...:  Clockwise from Left: Willeke Barens, Marga Blankenstijn, Billy O'Shea, Susan Siewert, Ute Buchauer.
Clockwise from Left: Robert (Dr. Bobus) Paquin, F.T., Chris DeSantis, Katja Gabrielcic.
Left to Right: Anya Malhotra, Thekla Kruse, Nina Sattler-Hovdar.
Left to right: Drie Dreyman, Claire Parker, susan larsson, Katya Usilova, Jo Ann Cahn, Michelle Asselin, Natalie Shahova, Tim Nicholson, Mikhail Zagot, Don Conlan.
Left to Right: Jo Ann Cahn, Michael Osmann, susan larsson, Amy Bryant, George Farrants.
The Catholic church in Tralee.
On the wall by the church.  So how does this work... do they bless the whole well or what?
More photos from this meet (let me know if you want me to mirror them here)

From Liam O'Shea
From Katja Gabrielcic
From Katja Blixrud

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