The Lantra-L Members Gallery

FIT Conference, August 2002: Vancouver, BC

The Hotel Stafford Waterfront, scene of the gathering. Note the rare Vancouver blue sky...
Bruno Sterckeman at the opening reception.
Native (is it PC to say "native"?) dancers at the opening session.
Marc Pichard, Christine Lamarche and Werner Richter at the first day's luncheon.
From Left:  Nina Sattler-Hovdar, Marc Pichard (hiding behind Nina), Christine Lamarche, Werner Richter, Glenn Clavier, Bruno Sterckeman, Jean-Marie Van de Walle (back to camera).
Dessert:  Jean-Marie, Helge Niska, Nina Sattler-Hovdar, Marc Pichard, Christine Lamarche, Bruno Sterckeman.
Bruno, Jean-Marie, Helge.
Beautiful Vancouver bay: Marc Pichard, Christine Lamarche, Nina Sattler-Hovdar, Bruno Sterckeman, Chris DeSantis, Glenn Clavier, Helge Niska.  Behind the camera: Werner Richter.
Chris DeSantis has just proclaimed himself King of the Principality of Belgium and Sweden and receives adulation from his loyal subjects Jean-Marie Van de Walle and Helge Niska.
  The world's first steam-powered clock (in the Gastown quarter). The live steam winds the weights and blows the whistles. Every 4.5 minutes one steel weight will travel by steam power to the top of the clock. The gravity-driven "Falling Ball" drive was engineered by Douglas L. Smith. Each quarter hour the clock will sound the Westminster Chimes.  The large whistle will sound once on the hour. The steam is supplied by the underground system of Central Heat Distributors Ltd. The component parts cost $42,000 (currently $4.95 American) and the clock weighs over two tons.
Keynote speaker Alan K. Melby with occasional Lantran Gardenia Hung.
A pleasant park in Downtown Vancouver.
Part of Vancouver's waterfront area.
Jean-Marie and Helge confer.
Werner makes a point.
Marc Pichard listens intently.
Nina Sattler-Hovdar expounds.

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