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A Lantra Gathering in Vienna (dates, please -- Ed.)

Coming from your intrepid correspondent in Central Europe (WernR):

After loose preparations, Lantrans Ute Buchhauer from Niederbayern/Saarbrücken, Daniel Casanova from Venezuela/Vienna and Werner Richter from Berlin/Vienna plus Michelle Richter (out of the blue) found themselves today in the café underneath the Big Wheel in the Vienna Prater. Where the menu doesn't give any prices, which initially made us somewhat uneasy but then Ute ventured to foot the bill without knowing the outcome. (Maybe I should have gone into interpretation as well...)

Ute had flown into town to do cabin interpretation for the International Roofers' Association, starting tomorrow and just in time for a rainy spell here. Daniel has recently been considering the issue of erection (of telecommunication masts) but he's also an interpreter for the UN here in Vienna. Me, I had just received the edited proofs of my recent short story collection and should really look at them urgently so they can go into print before the Frankfurt Book Fair. But hey, procrastination is my middle name. And not only mine, it seems.

Instead we all decided to rather have a timeout and looked at the local catering services. The coffees and cokes at the Wheel weren't really convincing, so we took off through the Vienna Prater (an amusement park), and my daughter enticed me into taking her down one of those sliding speed chutes. Daniel took a picture of our gaping mouths, with the camera I had taken along to eternify the likenesses of us three Lantrans, but somehow we forgot about that. Sorry, Chris and other gallerists. And sorry, my dear meeting pals.

Pastries were partaken of at the Schweizerhaus, a place that normally boasts spare ribs and knuckle of pork, but my daughter kept roaming all over the place, getting lost in the handicapped persons loo and fraternizing with incentive dinner guests from import/export companies, so we decided to take a walk. However, in the Vienna Prater I'm known to make false estimations -- as Michelle Asselin will certify, who three years ago took a "short walk" with me to the Lusthaus for about one hour, at 32°C. This time, I had promised Ute "sunny and 22-26°C" ... alas, it was raining when we came out. So we put the Wee One, well anoraked, into the buggy pram, made a push out of the park and decided to call it a day.

When translators (or interpreters) coincide, the time is always well spent. Do you know anybody else who will listen to all this stuff about language for hours on end? Hey, I love it!

Fun to have you guys around, thanks for dropping by, or sidling over, respectively. And thanks for the drinks, Ute!

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